The Archives

November 2012

  • Humphrey Fellow Event: Human Trafficking Presentation Video and Synopsis.

May 2007: 

  • International Human Rights Education Evaluation Symposium – HRE for Social Change: Evaluation Approaches and Methodologies,
    Report of the Proceedings
    3 – 5  May 2007 – Montreal, Canada
    Goal/Objective  |   Outcome   |   French

June 2005:

November 2004: 

January 2004: 

  • Indicators and Impact Measuring Tools for Human Rights Training Activities in NGOs
    January 2004 – Cairo, Egypt
    who   |   goals/objectives   |   agenda   |   outcomes

June 2002: 

August 2001: 

  • Global Strategic Planning Meeting for Human Rights Education and Training Among Regional Centers
    August 2001 – Durban, South Africa
    who   |   outcomes   |   other documents

October 1992: 


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