Humphrey Fellows Lhouceine Aamar and Hussein El Hajj will Present Today on “Human Rights and Immigration”

Lhouceine Aamar serves as a Principal Inspector in the General Police Forces Administration of Rabat, Morocco. As a member of the police Media and Communication Team, Mr. Aamar builds and maintains media relations, managing police investigations based on accusations in the media, and internal documentation of police appearances in the media. Mr. Aamar received a Degree in English Literature and a Diploma in English Studies from the Caddy Ayyad University. As a Humphrey Fellow, Mr. Aamar hopes to enhance his knowledge of migration and human trafficking patterns, as well as their effects on economic development in Morocco.

Hussein El Hajj is a Captain in the Lebanese Internal Security Forces. He holds a Bachelor of Law from the Lebanese University and a Bachelor of Military Science from the Military College (Lebanon). In his work, he creates and manages training programs for Lebanese internal security forces staff. He is an expert in judicial and terrorist acts investigations, hostage negotiations, community policing, the fight against drug trafficking, and intelligence. His interests focus on human trafficking prevention, investigation, and prosecution. As a Humphrey Fellow, he would like to learn more about awareness campaigns, legislative reforms, and action plans aimed at the elimination of trafficking. He hopes to include the knowledge he gains in the training of the Lebanese Internal Security Forces, better equipping his country to combat human trafficking.

Mr. El Hajj will lead a workshop on focusing on immigration rights under the UN Convention. This discussion will highlight the struggles, human rights abuses, and particular vulnerabilities that immigrants face despite current legal frameworks designed for their protection. The workshop will also include a case study on immigrant rights and practical experiences in Lebanon and discussions on future solutions to the unique hardships that immigrants face. Mr. Aamar will lead a related discussion on the history and current political situation in Morocco, detailing the source of an influx in immigrants, exploring the problems associated with their integration, and proposing legal solutions to the enforcement and protection of immigrant rights.


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