Human Trafficking Symposium

November 9, 2012


Human Trafficking: International Perspectives on Policing, Legal and Field Interventions

Featuring, Dr. Veerendra Mishra, Viresh Kumar Bhawra, Philip Acosta Aguinaldo, Amarjargal Davjayev, Zohir Navjuvonov, and  Kirill Boychenko

Where: Walter F. Mondale Hall, Room 25

To watch the full event, click here.


Symposium (11/9/12)

Human Trafficking:
International Perspectives on Policing, Legal and Field Interventions

• Introductory remarks & introductions – Kirk Allison and Willa Gelvick (0:00-5:40)

Trafficking and Policing 

• Dr. Veerendra Mishra – India – Crime Investigation Asst. Inspector General, Madhya Pradesh
“Human Trafficking Challenge to Law Enforcement” (6:15-24:33)

• Viresh Kumar Bhawra – India – Inspector General of Police – Punjab, India
“Labor Trafficking and Human Smuggling” (25:10-43:30)

     Trafficking and Policing Q & A (43:45-54:00)

Legal and Judicial Approaches

• Amarjargal Davjayev – Mongolia – Exec. Director, Center for Human Rights & Development
“Mongolia’s Legal and Governmental System with a Focus on Prevention,
Protection, and Prosecution of Human Trafficking” (54:20-1:19:30)

• Judge Philip Acosta Aguinaldo – Philippines – Faculty, Supreme Court Judicial Academy
“International Perspective on Judicial and Legal Approaches” (1:20:09-1:39:33)

     Legal and Judicial Approaches Q & A (1:39:40-1:45:30)

Trafficking and Field Approaches

• Zohir Navjuvonov – Tajikistan – National Coordinator, International Organization for Migration
“Human Trafficking: Country-Specific Interventions” (1:45:55-2:06:35)

• Dr. Hari Paudel – Nepal – Joint Secretary, Ministry of Women, Children and Social Welfare
“Human Trafficking and Interventions in Nepal” (2:07:07-2:21:10)

• Dr. Kirill Boychenko – Russia – Harvard Carr Center Human Trafficking & Modern Slavery Program
“Prevention of Human Trafficking in Russia” (2:22:30-2:39:00)

Concluding Round Table Q & A  (2:39:15-3:08:30)

Sponsored by: Program in Human Rights & Health; Human Rights Center; Humphrey International Fellows Program, Global Programs and Strategy Alliance; Institute for Diversity, Equity and Advocacy



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